Do you want to prepare for your birth and the postpartum period?  Does your partner know how to support you during this time? We know that your time is precious, so we offer a hybrid (part in-person and part online) childbirth education class designed by us for you.  This class is perfect for first time parents or to prepare for VBAC.



Are you interested in having a natural birth?  Do you want to know how to use comfort techniques or understand medical interventions? Do you desire a positive birth experience where you feel confident about your choices and in control?  Having a doula present can help you reach these and many more goals.



"I could not have done any of it without the support of my doulas. They were encouraging me, guiding me, and caring for me throughout the entire pregnancy." - Mom in Greensboro

"Like so many moms, my birth didn’t go as planned...but it went a lot “better" than it could have thanks to our super hero doula and her bag of doula tricks" - Mom in Winston

"Watching the intensity of my wife’s labor being met with the incredible peace and comfort of the doula made for an experience that I will always cherish." - Dad in Winston

"They provide genuine, knowledgeable, comprehensive care that will exceed your expectations." - Mom in Greensboro

"The birthing process comes with so many twists, turns, questions and surprises - nobody should have to go through it without a knowledgeable doula by their side." - Dad in Winston

"They are all so friendly and eager to help, and we have come to think of them as family." - Mom in Greensboro

"She somehow figured out how to encourage me in just the right way even when I was so unsure, anxious or fearful at times." - Mom in Greensboro

"Best doulas around—the best, most important money you’ll ever spend! Highly recommend." - Dad in Winston


Natural Baby Doulas supports families prior to and through the birth process in hospitals, birth centers, and home births located in Greensboro, High Point, Winston Salem, Burlington, Chapel Hill, & Statesville, NC. Contact us at 336-267-5879 or 

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