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As your doulas, we want to support you and your family during pregnancy, while you labor, and in the postpartum period!


We would love to meet with you so that you can understand what services we provide and who we are.  This consult is free. You can see if Natural Baby Doulas is the right fit for your family and your birth goals. We do this consultation virtually (we use Zoom or FaceTime).

Prenatal Meetings

If you decide to hire us, you will have two more prenatal meetings in addition to the initial consult.  Natural Baby Doulas works as a group practice - you will meet all of the doulas who will be on call for your birth during your pregnancy. During your prenatal meetings, we will discuss your birth goals and preferences.  We can help you write a birth plan, suggest childbirth education classes, books, and articles that would be beneficial for you to read.  We learn what comfort measures may or may not work for you in labor.  We give your partner tips for how to comfort you in labor before the doula arrives.  We show you several tricks we have in our doula bag.  We will help you get comfortable and answer questions to help relieve any anxiety about the birth experience.

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Once labor begins, we offer continuous support to you and your partner.  The on call doula will join you in labor when you decide that you need her.  Sometimes we meet moms in their homes before they go to the hospital or birth center.  Other times we meet moms at the birth location – this is up to you.  We offer a variety of comfort measures.  We massage, encourage, suggest new positions, keep you hydrated and fed, and help partners understand and give them comfort too. We offer the TENS unit to help with back pain in labor. We also rent and manage birth tubs in places where water birth is an option.  We understand and trust the birth process.  Sometimes medical interventions are necessary and we can help families process information when options for interventions arise.  We help families document the birth by snapping pictures with your phone or camera and we take notes so that you can remember this special day.  Once your baby is born, we stay with you for about two hours and we assist in establishing initial breastfeeding.

Postpartum Meeting

About a week after the baby is born, the doula who was present at your birth visits you at home. She sees how the family is adapting with a new baby, helps process the birth experience, and provides additional resources. We also invite our doula clients to our free monthly postpartum support group.

Here for You

We are available for you by phone, text, or email throughout your pregnancy once you hire us.  We are on call for your birth 24 hours a day from the moment you hire us until your baby is born. 


Fees for Our Services

The total cost for our services is $1,100.  We do not charge more if we are with you for an extended time due to a long labor.  We require a $400 deposit to hold your due date.  The remaining $700 is due by 37 weeks in the pregnancy.  You can pay on a schedule that works for you. Repeat doula clients get a $100 discount.

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