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Sarah teaching childbirth class

Private Childbirth Education Class


These days, everyone is busy! But we know that you want to prepare for your birth and postpartum time.  It's difficult to find time to go to classes week after week. That's why we offer a private one on one in-person class option. Sarah Carter teaches this private class. She has over 10 years of doula and childbirth educator experience, she is familiar with all our local hospitals, and she's now a labor and delivery nurse in Winston Salem. She makes this class personalized to meet your needs for birth preparation. She covers:

  • Nutrition and exercise in pregnancy

  • Communicating with your care providers

  • What to expect in each stage of labor

  • How your partner can support you

  • Medical interventions

  • Vaginal and cesarean birth

  • Postpartum preparation

The cost of the class is $200 and includes access to text Sarah before and after the course. The private class is 3 hours long and usually meets in your home. She also provides additional content prerecorded for you to view at your own pace. 

Natural Baby Doulas' Self-Paced Online Childbirth Class

(5 online classes + a VBAC bonus class)

This class is specifically formulated for those who want to prepare but need a cheaper or more convenient option.  Each of the five classes is one hour in length for a total of five hours of instruction. This class includes everything you need to prepare for your birth. Jessica Bower, the instructor of the class, will be available to you as you take the course for specific questions so that it can be relevant and personalized to your unique situation.  This is a wonderful alternative to an in-person class as it includes videos of women in labor, graphics, time for discussion with your parter about real life scenarios in labor, and acting out positions and comfort techniques for you and your partner to practice.  A VBAC bonus video is included for those wanting to have a vaginal birth if their prior birth was a c-section.  

The cost of the class is $50.  

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