Hybrid Childbirth Class Dates

Sept. 21 (class 2) and Oct. 5 (class 4)

Class is FULL

Oct. 26 (class 2) and Nov. 9 (class 4)

Class is FULL

Nov. 30 (class 2) and Dec. 14 (class 4)

Class is FULL

Jan. 11 (class 2) and Jan. 25 (class 4)

4 spots open

All in-person classes are located at The Village Community House (717 Graves Street) in Kernersville from 6-9pm

Register now for the hybrid childbirth class (price is $150) or email Sarah and Jessica for more info:

Natural Baby Doulas' Hybrid Childbirth Class

(2 in-person classes and 3 online classes)

These days, everyone is busy and we know that you want to prepare for your birth and postpartum.  But at the same time, it's difficult to find time to go to classes week after week.  We've designed our curriculum to do the most important things in person at our two classes and then we give you our videos, homework, and other resources for the three online classes at home on your own time.  Our classes provide the education that families need to understand common scenarios in labor, make informed decisions about their care, and be prepared for their birth.  


Class 1 (online): Nutrition and exercise in pregnancy and facilitating great communication with your care providers


Class 2 (in-person): What to expect in each stage of labor, comfort techniques, and positions to use in labor


Class 3 (online): When and why different medical interventions may be needed in birth


Class 4 (in-person): When labor becomes complicated, the pros and cons of interventions, cesarean birth, the immediate postpartum period, and developing your preferences

Class 5 (online): The fourth trimester, newborn care, and postpartum preparation for the whole family

One of the greatest benefits of taking this childbirth class is that we are able to cover a lot of material in a very short amount of time since there's the online portion that you can do at your own pace.


Sarah Carter and Jessica Bower teach this class together.  Sarah taught The Bradley Method Childbirth classes to hundreds of students and Jessica has a Master's Degree in Education.  Together they have attended over 400 births and they bring their passion for education and experience in birth to you in this unique class.   The cost of the class is $150.  This includes all materials, 2 in-person classes (6 hours of in-person instruction) and the 3 online classes as well. 

Natural Baby Doulas' Self-Paced Online Childbirth Class

(5 online classes with notes and materials)

This class is specifically formulated for those who cannot register for an in-person class.  This class includes everything that our hybrid childbirth class includes (see above) but we wanted to make it assessable for a time like this when some people are not comfortable with in-person classes due to Covid-19 or just scheduling conflicts.  Jessica Bower, the instructor of the class, will be available to you as you take the course for specific questions so that it can be relevant and personalized to your unique situation.  We believe that there is nothing that can replace in-person childbirth education, but this is a wonderful alternative option if you cannot or do not feel comfortable attending an in-person class. The cost of this class is $50.  Register for the class here.

Condensed Childbirth Education Class

(One time session of 3 hours of in-person instruction + access to the All Online Childbirth class)


Traditional Condensed Class: This class is great  if you can't commit to a longer class.  The class covers:

  • The stages of labor - how to identify them and what to do during each stage

  • Techniques for relaxation and labor progression

  • Coping with pain naturally during labor

VBAC Preparation Class: This class is essential for preparing for a vaginal birth after a cesarean.  This class covers everything from the traditional condensed class and also reviews:

  • Risks and benefits of VBAC and elective repeat cesarean 

  • Modifications needed for a VBAC 

Jessica Bower and Sarah Carter usually teach the condensed childbirth education classes as private classes which is scheduled at the couple's convince in their home.  The cost for the private class is $150 (or $175 if travel time exceeds 1 hour).

Condensed Class Dates:

Private Condensed Class:  

$150 per couple.  Flexible scheduling.

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