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This is a place for you to learn.  Read our favorite blog posts, listen as clients share their birth journeys, and connect with other local resources.

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Local Resources

Lactation Consultants:


Women's Health / Pelvic Floor PT: 

Birth Photographers (Note: All the photos on our website are from these three photographers!)


Prenatal / Induction Massage:

Health Food Store / Information on Herbs in Pregnancy:

Prenatal Yoga and Mom and Baby Yoga:

Counseling for Pregnancy and Postpartum:

Useful Websites:




Free Waterbirth Education Class

In order to have a waterbirth at the Cone Health Women's and Children's Center in Greensboro, you must take a water birth class through the hospital.  Or, if you are a patient of Wendover OBGYN, you can take our free water birth class as a substitute rather than taking the hospital class.  

Watch the class here for free.  The password is FreeClass

After watching the class, take the quiz here to show that you passed and take it to the Wendover OBGYN midwives before you are 37 weeks pregnant.

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