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Sarah Carter

DONA International Certified Birth Doula

Placenta Encapsulation 

My journey to doula work started before my first daughter was born.  I was able to see other women in my family have natural births and home births.  So, when I found out I was pregnant in 2008, I knew I wanted a natural birth.  After my husband and I took The Bradley Method® Childbirth Education Class and had a wonderful birth experience at a birth center, I decided I would like to do more in the “Birth World”.  I had the opportunity to becomes a certified childbirth educator, certified doula (toLabor), train as a placenta encapsulator (PBi), and learn and practice sacred belly binding.  I’ve enjoyed working with families and specifically love helping them identify their goals for labor, birth, and newborn care and support them in those goals!  I believe everyone should feel empowered by their birth experience regardless of the path that baby takes to be born.  I absolutely love working with these four other amazing doulas and have experienced first hand having a wonderful doula (Christina!) at the labor of my third daughter. She was instrumental in helping me in accomplishing the goals I had for that birth.  I wish the same for every mom.  

Christina Flaherty
toLabor Certified Birth Doula
Postpartum Doula
Trained Lactation Specialist

When I gave birth to my first son in the hospital, I was given an epidural for pain relief.  Both my son and I experienced serious side effects from it. When I became pregnant for the second time, I learned about pregnancy, my body, and how to have a natural childbirth. With the help and support of my endearing and wonderful coach, the birth was unmediated with no intervention and absolutely beautiful! This inspired me to help other families to achieve a natural childbirth. I became a certified childbirth educator after this momentous event. I soon started attending births as a doula and am happy to now have four wonderful partners to share doulas services with. My goal is to help women have the best, safest, and most rewarding birth experience possible. I believe that with the right instruction, mental attitude and support, most women can achieve a natural childbirth if that is what they desire. It is one of the most beautiful experiences to watch a new life come into this world. Breastfeeding became another passion for me after nursing my sons and I am a Certified Lactation Specialist offering in-home breastfeeding support as well as postpartum doula support.

Jessica Bower

IBCLC (Lactation Consultant)

DONA International Certified Birth Doula
Lora Reynolds

DONA International Certified Birth Doula

Postpartum Doula

During my first pregnancy, my husband and I took childbirth education classes with Natural Baby Doulas and we desired a natural birth, but we didn't hire them to be our doulas. My first birth was a good experience overall, but we absolutely regretted not having a doula present because I was overcome by pain at one point in my labor, didn't know what to do, and got a narcotic. For my next three pregnancies, I hired Natural Baby Doulas without hesitation. My doulas made the biggest difference for me and they were so amazing for my husband too. I had three more beautiful natural births with their wisdom and support on my side.  After my third birth, I decided that I wanted to become a doula because I love and respect birth and I want to help moms reach their birth goals and have positive experiences - I know this is much more attainable with the caring support of a doula. I love processing birth with moms and supporting them through breastfeeding as an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant).  As a former high school teacher, I enjoy teaching our childbirth education classes. I am DONA certified, trained by The Center for Breastfeeding, Spinning Babies and StillBirthday, and I have experience supporting a variety of moms and partners in labor. 

I became a doula to support women through one of the most vulnerable times in their lives and raise awareness that pregnancy and birth can be empowering. Becoming a mother was the most life changing event I have ever experienced. It not only changed me physically, but emotionally and spiritually.  I’ve always had a passion for serving others, but when I became a mother I saw serving in a whole new light. What a joy birth can be! My hope is to walk alongside you on your own journey, and help enable you to have the best experience possible. Experiencing both a medicated hospital birth and a natural home birth with my children, I was absolutely amazed at my body's capabilities and couldn’t get enough information on all things birth related.  I saw that no matter how the baby is born, there is beauty.  I wanted to be a part of supporting mothers and partners to help educate them, give emotional support, preserve memories, advocate, and hold space to allow the best experience possible. I believe all women should feel enabled and supported throughout pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum care. I enjoy developing lasting relationships with moms and their partners!

Mary Walt
DONA International Certified Birth Doula
Postpartum Doula

Placenta Encapsulation

For as long as I can remember, birth and motherhood have been passions of mine. My formal education is as a paramedic. In that role, I saw first hand many different sides of the medical and birth world. From an urban hospital in Baltimore, Maryland to the rural parts of central North Carolina, I have seen many types of medicated and unmedicated birth. After having my daughter, my passion for birth took even deeper root and form. I was very grateful to have Natural Baby Doulas at my birth; Sarah supported me through the twists and turns of my late term, 42 week induction. The resources and guidance that Natural Baby Doula’s provided before, during, and after my labor helped ground me and launched me towards success in those early days of motherhood. Shortly after my own birth experience, I knew I wanted to support mothers in the same way by becoming a doula. To that end, a couple of years ago, I participated in a DONA Doula Workshop to become a DONA Certified birth doula. Additionally, I am a placenta encapsulation specialist (PBi). I have also been trained as postpartum doula (CAPPA). Welcoming sweet babies into the world and supporting mothers and fathers each step of the way is truly a joy for me. Women supporting, educating and advocating for other women in pregnancy, birth and postpartum feels like such crucial and beautiful thing. I am thankful that I get to contribute daily to this beautiful work.

Natural Baby Doulas

Since 2012

Natural Baby Doulas was founded in 2012 by Christina Flaherty and Sarah Carter. Both had years of experience working individually as childbirth educators and doulas.  After working together a few times, they realized that a partnership would give them the ability to better support expectant moms and offer other important services.  Since then, Natural Baby Doulas has expanded to a group of five doulas and has added in-person and online childbirth education options, in-home lactation consultation, placenta encapsulation, and postpartum support.  Moms enjoy this full spectrum of services and the reliability of multiple doulas.

Watch Jessica Bower's hospital water birth in two minutes

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