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Mom in water birth tub

Waterbirth Tub Rental

Tub Rentals are only available for doula clients.  We do not rent tubs as a separate service apart from doula support.

The total cost for renting the tub is $150 and that includes:

  • Rental of a Birth Pool in A Box - The preferred birth tub of Waterbirth International.  This large tub allows maximum freedom of movement for the mother and there is room for the partner to be in the tub also if desired.

  • Tub liner, 2 hoses, and fish net - These are all disposable supplies that are needed when you use a birth tub and they are provided by the doula and included in your tub rental fee.

  • Management of the tub - Your doula brings the birth tub to your birth location, sets it up, manages the tub (keeping the water temperature within range), and takes it down.

Sarah setting up tub
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