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Our Favorite Comfort Techniques for Labor

Last week, the three of us were able to make the short drive to Statesville, NC to visit one of our favorite places to have a baby – Natural Beginnings Birth and Wellness Center! The midwives there invited us to make a video in their facility demonstrating comfort measures moms, partners, and doulas can use in labor. I discuss the importance of breathing and relaxation in labor, Sarah shows different massage and counter pressure techniques, and Christina models using a rebozo on a very pregnant mama. We also demonstrate different ways moms can labor in a birth tub in locations where that is an option. We love births at the birth center because the environment is incredibly relaxing, the care providers are exceptional, and the hospital is a quick five minutes down the road if needed. We get a little nervous in front of a camera, but we had a blast taping it and we hope you enjoy!

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