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5 Reasons to Take Our Natural Birth Classes

So, you may find yourself at some point in pregnancy thinking This baby is getting big. And this baby is going to have to come OUT. How’s that going to happen?! If you rely on our culture to tell you how that’s going to happen, it could leave you feeling fearful or overwhelmed. Childbirth education courses can help overcome any anxiety you may have, make you aware of your options, and empower you as you prepare. Chances are, if you’re reading our blog, you want a natural birth. The classes that we teach are different from traditional hospital classes because our focus is on giving you the knowledge and skills needed to help make a natural birth possible. Here are 5 reasons why we think you should take a natural birth class:

#1 You don’t know what you don’t know. I’ve talked to numerous moms about their births and they say at some point “I didn’t know that was an option.” Can you labor in the water? Do you have to have monitors on your belly continuously? Is there pain relief other than an epidural? Do you need to have an IV? Can you eat once you get to the hospital? You may be surprised at some of these answers. There are more options than you may think. All these questions plus numerous others are answered in our classes.

#2 You get the tools you need to reach your goals. So, you want a natural birth. But how? The majority of people in this country cope with the pain and intensity of labor by using drugs. So, if you don’t want to use drugs, what will you do to cope? We teach all types of coping mechanisms – Breathing, relaxation, massage, visualization, and more.

#3 Knowledge is power. When you know what to expect, you’re less likely to fear what’s coming. Our childbirth classes go through each stage of labor, what to expect at each stage, and how you can manage each stage. What you should do in early labor to attempt a natural birth is different than what you’d do in transition.

#4 Your partner needs it. If your partner is like most partners, chances are your partner has most likely never witnessed a birth – much less an unmediated birth. Our desire is for your partner to become your coach. We desire to equip them with the tools they need to help you through the entire pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. Even if you have a doula, your partner is still priceless support and will benefit from childbirth education.

#5 You will have a resource for questions. As your childbirth instructors, we are here for you! Have a question about a certain topic? We can send you evidenced based research. We are happy to give you a personal approach. Teaching childbirth education is our passion!

Which course is right for you?

Comprehensive Childbirth Education Course – This course gives you everything you need to know! With 20+ hours of instruction over a period of 10 weeks, this is the ultimate preparation for your labor and birth. A new class begins May 23 at Magnolia Birth Center in Greensboro with Sarah. The class meets for 10 weeks and is 7-9pm. Click here to register.

Condensed Childbirth Education Course – This course gives you the essentials. It’s a 3-hour class that’s private and takes place in your home with natural childbirth as the focus. This class works well for expecting moms who can’t make the traditional classes work. Scheduling is very flexible. Contact Jessica at to schedule your class.

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