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StillBirthday Training Is Coming to Greensboro

A few winters ago, when I was pregnant with my third child, one of my good friends was also pregnant with her third child. Our due dates were a couple of weeks apart. While I had two living children already, my friend only had one living child because she lost her first child in the second trimester. While pregnant, we swapped pregnancy stories, talked about morning sickness, and discussed little girl stuff because both of us were carrying little girls. But my friend's pregnancy was very different than mine. She again lost her sweet little girl in the second trimester. It was in January. It was frigid at the funeral and I was frozen inside. I so badly wanted to support my friend... my heart ached for her... but I didn't know what to do.

Since that moment, I've wanted to bring a pregnancy loss training to Greensboro. Now is finally the time! Natural Baby Doulas and Magnolia Birth Center are sponsoring the training and Magnolia is graciously going to host it as well. Heidi Faith of StillBirthday is going to lead us. The training is going to be on Saturday, March 16 from 9:00am-3:00pm and we will cover...

- fertility, pre-conception, conception, diversity in beliefs about pregnancy, birth and loss

- prenatal bonding, nutrition, partners, physiology of childbirth in every trimester

- medical support options during childbirth in every trimester

- non-medical support options during childbirth in every trimester, birth plans physical postpartum in all experiences, NICU, emotional postpartum in all experiences, hormones, grief

- mourning, the emotional experience of the doula

This training is geared towards doulas, but all birth professionals or anyone who wants to learn more about how to better support families experiencing loss are welcome. Space is limited, so be sure to register right away. There are two options at registration:

- $95 - This is the price of the day training at Magnolia and includes all materials needed

- $195 - This is the price of the day training at Magnolia and includes the cost to become a certified StillBirthday Doula.

To register for this training, click here and pay either $95 or $195 depending on if you would like the day training only or the day training + doula certification.

I'm excited to spend this time with my fellow birth workers - I know we are all going to grow so much and be able to be an even more compassionate influence in our community.


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