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  • Brittany Curry (Postpartum Doula & Herbalist)

Vaginal Steaming - Why, When, & How

Brittany Curry is a former Natural Baby Doulas client and we are so happy to have her share in this guest post! She's a mom to three beautiful babies, a birth and postpartum doula with The Labor Ladies, and a herbalist.

Vaginal Steam

Have you heard of vaginal steaming? Maybe this is something you've seen on social media but don't know exactly why it is practiced or the benefits. Vaginal steaming is a practice that dates back hundreds of years. The practice is also known as V-steam or Sitz bath. Many cultures all over the world adopted vaginal steaming as a cleansing ritual. Vaginal steams were also used to heal the vagina and perineal area post delivery. Elders would hand pick medicinal herbs to prepare the steam or bath. Today, the use of vaginal steams are gaining popularity. The herbs used are indeed beneficial to women at different stages of life.

Why use vaginal steams?

Vaginal steams are said to relief pain, cleanse and heal. The following are documented benefits:

  • Cleanse womb of toxins, blood and discharge

  • Manage PH balance

  • Treat yeast infections

  • Vaginal dryness

  • Healing skin, tissue and womb

  • Hormonal balance

  • Shrink fibroids and cyst

  • Increase fertility

  • Heals hemorrhoids

When to use Vaginal Steams?

Women can began using vaginal steams as soon as they enter adulthood. Vaginal steaming should be done with the supervision of an experienced steamer or herbalist. There are a few steaming locations within the United States; however for most women, steaming is done in the privacy of their home. It is advised to steam at least once per month for cleansing. Some women steam after intercourse as a form of self care and cleanse. Women should not steam while menstruating or with the use of a IUD. Women should also avoid steaming while pregnant. Postpartum is the perfect time to enjoy womb care and vaginal healing. After giving birth, the womb and the vagina are sore and in need of serious healing. A Sitz bath with vaginal herbs can be used immediately after birth. A Sitz bath is a shallow bath of water that covers the hips. Vaginal steaming can be done as soon as mom has stopped bleeding and is feeling well enough to do so. Vaginal steams are also great for menopause. During menopause, women experience dryness and soreness to the vagina. Steaming restores moisture and aids in blood flow. All women can benefit from womb care.

How to get a Vaginal Steam?

Vaginal steams are typically prepared at home. You will need herbs of your choice and basic household supplies. To name a few, the most common herbs are; Yarrow, Calendula, Lavender and Basil. There are many videos online that walk women through the steps. If you want someone to prepare this for you, reach out to local postpartum doulas or herbalists - they can provide the herbs and teach you how to prepare it. If you are pregnant or just delivered a new baby, plan ahead for a postpartum doula to come to your home after baby is born to pamper you with womb care.

If you are in the Triad Area of North Carolina, reach out to Brittany Curry, local herbalist and Vaginal Steam Expert to purchase your vaginal steam or schedule a V-steaming appointment.

Brittany Curry

Brittany Curry

Birth and Postpartum Doula & Herbalist

Owner of Bellies to Babies Holistic

Doula at The Labor Ladies

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